The Vatican City, Rome's separate sovereign state, needs no introduction. With the skyline-dominating dome of St. Peter's, the basilica and the necropolis, the Vatican is perhaps the most significant religious site in the world. The Vatican museums host an immense collection of treasures and the Sistine Chapel, with its ceiling fresco by Michelangelo, is a Renaissance miracle. Visitors should arrive early and appreciate that it is simply impossible to view the collections in a single day. Get on a tour to skip the line.

There is plenty on offer for the shopaholic too, particularly on the stylishly upmarket Via Condotti and in the more affordable outlets on the Via del Corso. With the money you save by getting one of the Hotel Maryelen deals, you can treat yourself in any of the boutiques – but whatever your preference for a city break, Rome has it all, and one visit is never enough!


The centre of the civilised western world for the best part of a millennium, Rome retains its air of vitality and grandeur. As it has entered the twenty-first century, Rome has not forgotten its past and relics and monuments from the imperial days and the renaissance can still be seen all over the city. Yet it is also quintessentially Italian – cool and laid back, but animated and full of contradictions. Many English-speaking Guided Tours to the city are available, but here are a few ideas to get you started.



Just minutes from Hotel Maryelen towards the centre of Rome is the awesome Colosseum amphitheatre, a monument to the extraordinary capabilities of the ancient world. Nearly 2,000 years old, it was built to house around 60,000 spectators as they watched exciting gladiatorial and military displays. Even today, the architectural achievement is quite breathtaking.



Across the busy road and along Via Sacra (the Sacred Way) is the Imperial Forum, to all intents and purposes the centre of the universe at one time. The site of the most important buildings during the height of the empire and the city's economic hub, remains of the senate house, basilicas, arches and temples give the visitor an inspiring insight into the past in the heart of a busy modern metropolis.



Other symbols of Rome dating back to the empire include the second century circular temple, the Pantheon, built during the rule of Hadrian and architecturally organised around the twelve principal Roman deities. Also worth seeing are Trajan's Column and Market, the Palatine Hill, Augustus' Mausoleum, the Baths of Caracalla, the Catacombs, Circus Maximus - the site of chariot races and now a park; and of course, the romantic Trevi Fountain. With churches on just about every corner, there is architectural splendour on display everywhere you go in Rome, and indeed just near Hotel Maryelen is the wonderful Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, with its medieval bell tower.



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